We at Campmor know that you can’t spend every day camping, but we also know that you really, really want to! So to help you get out today, we came up with quite possibly the 15 best instances of where you would rather go camping than continue doing what you are doing. Enjoy, and be sure to mention which you think is the worst in the comments below!

1. When you’re waiting at the DMV.

Waiting at the DMV

Source: K2Motor

2. When you’re sitting in traffic/morning commute.

Waiting in Traffic

Source: SF Examiner

3. When you’re visiting the in-laws.

When You're visiting the In-Laws

Source: Bacon Babble

4. When you’re moving/packing.

When You're Moving

Source: Cool Fun Pics

5. When you’re swamped at the office

When You're at the Office

Source: Life of Happiness

6. When you just missed your bus.

When You Missed You're Bus

Source: The Write Stories

7. When you have Jury Duty.

When You're in Jury Duty

Source: Lawyers Chicago

8. When you’re on a crowded subway during a hot summer day.

When You're in Rush Hour

Source: News Vine

9. When your better half is upset with you.

When Your Better Half is Upset with you

Source: Show Me Something Funny

10. When you’re doing your taxes.

When You're Doing Your Taxes

Source: Forbes

11. When you’re at a Justin Bieber concert.

When You're at a Justin Bieber Concert

Source: Funny Junk

12. When you’re mowing the lawn.

When You're Mowing the Lawn

Source: Sincerely Sustainable

13. When you’re going through TSA.

When You're going through the TSA

Source: Flickr

14. When you’re in a police lineup.

When You're in a Line Up

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

15. When you’re being chased by an Ostrich.

When You're Being Chased by an Ostrich

Source: 1Funny

When do you find that you need to get away the most?