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Reasons to Go Hiking

Spring is in full bloom and with it, avid hikers are getting ready to hit the trails. Hiking can serve several purposes, from spending time with family to acting as a healthy activity. Read our reasons why you should hit the trails this season.

Long Underwear Options for Women

The weather can be bitter for all types of people and it’s best to prepare accordingly. Take a look at what options exist for long underwear for women.

Driving Outdoors 2014 Edition

For the 2nd year in a row, we were able to visit the Chicago Auto Show. It goes without saying that we were impressed. Take a look at our post for a sneak peek at what’s up-and-coming in terms of outdoor vehicles.

Campmor's Favorite Posts of 2013

Last week we gave your favorite 13 posts of 2013 and now this week we are listing ours! So kick back, relax, and give another read to some of our favorite stories, guides, and lists from 2013.

Campmor Reader’s Choice – 13 Most Popular Posts of 2013

If you’re looking to catch up on the Campmor Blog for 2013 we suggest that you take a look at 13 very popular blog posts of 2013!

What is Frostbite

Frostbite, or congelatio, is defined as body tissue injury caused by exposure to extreme cold, causing ice crystals to form under the skin and blood vessels, which may result in gangrene. Learn more about the symptoms within our post.

How to Break Down a Campsite

Breaking down a campsite is important not only for nature but for campers who follow suit. Read our post on how to properly break down a campsite.

The Best Geocaching Websites

Whether, you’re experienced or you’re just getting into the activity of geocaching, we have a list of popular geocaching websites for all sorts of scavengers.

Get into the Swing of Things on National Hammock Day

Any hammock fan can tell you how comfortable and relaxing it can be during the summer. So much so, there’s a day for the hammock. Read our post on National Hammock Day and why enthusiasts from all over give tribute.

15 Instances Where You'd Rather Go Camping

Sometimes camping has never sounded sweeter, particular under moments of stress or agony. Take a look at our list of moments when camping would be ideal.