Sleeping Gear

Perhaps one of the most important items to bring on a camping trip is the sleeping gear. Whether you are sleeping on a cot or a sleeping bag (or both) having the right sleeping gear is crucial to enjoying a long outdoor adventure. Our experts will break down the proper sleeping gear for every occasion so that you can literally take it easy and rest.

Top 10 Sleeping Bags

Have you ever wondered if a sleeping bag is good for all occasions? From winter to summer, there are sleeping bags suited for all types of weather and people.

Old Morsan Tent Interview

Camping spans generations and this interview is a prime example of the good times someone can have with a tent.

22 Unusual Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags can be as fun as they are useful. Look at our list of 22 fun and unusual sleeping bags you can use next time you go camping.

The 3 Freeze Dried Chili Taste Test Goes Horribly Wrong

Chili can be a delectable entree, however read about this story of two friends who found there were unintended consequences to the food.

After a long hike, you want to have the right summer sleeping bag to hit the hay. Check out our expert advice and learn how to choose the right summer sleeping bag.

How to Wash a Sleeping Bag

A good quality sleeping bag will last a very long time, as long as it’s properly cared for. The following sleeping bag care guidelines should help you keep your camping investment in tip top shape, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Mummy Sleeping Bag vs. Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Learn about the various differences between a mummy sleeping bag and a rectangular sleeping bag including when one sleeping bag is a better choice for your trip.

Synthetic Sleeping Bag Insulation

Get the ins and outs of synthetic sleeping bags. Learn when they are your best option and when you should go with down sleeping bags.

Sleeping Outdoors - Making Proper Sleeping Arrangements

A good night’s sleep is important when out camping. This means that having the proper sleeping arrangements when sleeping outdoors is super critical.