Snow Gear

When the snow hits it means a whole new type of clothing is required. Having the proper snow gear or winter gear is important when it comes to protecting ones self from the winter elements. Our experts will break down the dos and donts of winter wear and help you equip yourself with the proper snow gear. So while we do that and wait for snow to fall – is anyone up for a snowshoe race in the sand?

Northwest Snowshoe Trails

From scenic overlooks to short family jaunts, the Northwest is the ideal location for snowshoers of any skill level. If you are new to snowshoeing, be sure to check out our Intro to Snowshoeing blog posts before you set out on your snowshoeing journey.

Northeast Snowshoe Trails

If you’re in the Northeast, you may want to check out these nifty snowshoe trails we’ve uncovered.

Fitting Snowshoes for Kids

Read this post and make sure you pick out the proper kids snowshoes for your children when you’re on your family getaway.

2013 Snowshoe Races

If you’re into snowshoe racing, you’re going to want to take a look at our list of 2013 snowshoe races.

Sledding Story

Winter antics can definitely seem like a good idea but hear our story about a man and how his antics turned a beloved winter activity into a fear.

History of Snowshoeing

Interested in learning something about the history of snowshoeing? Read our blog post to find some facts and helpful hints on snowshoes.

Colorado Snowshoe Trails

Do you ever find yourself in Colorado? If so, be sure not to miss these great Colorado snowshoe trails!

Bike Commuting 101 – Part 2 - What to Wear

Here in Part II, we’ll talk about where you’re riding and what type of bike you’re riding, and a few tips and tricks for handling commuting by bike, in hot or cold weather.

Snowshoe Parts

Learn about snowshoes and the various parts that are combined to make these snow walkers.

Winter Camping

Winter camping will open your eyes to nature in a way that many people don’t get to experience. Winter camping trips require a lot of preparation, appropriate winter camping equipment, and some experience and skill. Read and learn how to prepare for your next winter camping adventure.