The outdoor experts at Campmor are here to help you explore any and all of the questions about tents you may have. From how to select the proper spot to pitch a tent to what is the proper tent for certain adventures. With our expertise in tents we will help you break down the newest features in that tent you want. Watch for our tent reviews and posts about tents, backpacking tents, and family tents.

Tents 101

No matter the type of camping your planning to do, your tent selection is key to creating a positive experience. The Campmor Tents 101 guide will help you to choose the right tent for all of your camping needs.

Cold Weather Camping - Mountain Edition

Many adventurous campers continue camping on mountainsides well into the winter. Read up on what you’ll need to prepare yourself for such harsh conditions.

Winter Camping Tents

Camping during the winter months can be as rewarding as it is in the summer but it’s crucial to prepare accordingly with the right tent. Read our post and learn which tents can help you enjoy winter camping.

How to Break Down a Campsite

Breaking down a campsite is important not only for nature but for campers who follow suit. Read our post on how to properly break down a campsite.

Guide to Camping Music Festivals

Are you looking to enjoy a camping experience alongside a music festival? Be sure to read our post about everything you need to have a good time while you rock out.

Old Morsan Tent Interview

Camping spans generations and this interview is a prime example of the good times someone can have with a tent.

Campmor Reader’s Choice – 12 Most Popular Posts of 2012

If you’re looking to select a campsite or interested in a holiday revolving around s’mores, we’ve touched on it. Take a look at 12 very popular blog posts of 2012!

Planning A Winter Excursion?  Then Consider a Four-Season Tent

Planning a Winter Excursion? Think about taking a four-season tent as they are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, common in winter and found at higher elevations.

Hammock Camping 101

Learn the basics of hammock camping and experience a different way to sleep and relax on your next camping trip.

Where to Pitch a Tent

Pitching a tent is all about location, location, location—where you locate your tent site will have a significant impact on the impact on the your comfort and safety of your campsite. Make your camping trip a smooth one, by properly preparing beforehand, for all potential camping terrains and weather conditions.