Campmor's Favorite Posts of 2013

Last week we gave your favorite 13 posts of 2013 and now this week we are listing ours! So kick back, relax, and give another read to some of our favorite stories, guides, and lists from 2013.

What is Frostbite

Frostbite, or congelatio, is defined as body tissue injury caused by exposure to extreme cold, causing ice crystals to form under the skin and blood vessels, which may result in gangrene. Learn more about the symptoms within our post.

The Best Geocaching Apps

If you’re a fan of the outdoors but do not own a GPS device, you can still participate in Geocaching activities with these top apps for your smart phone.

The Best Geocaching Websites

Whether, you’re experienced or you’re just getting into the activity of geocaching, we have a list of popular geocaching websites for all sorts of scavengers.

10 Ways to Stay Cool When Camping

Summer can seem like a scorcher at times, especially if you’re a frequent camper. Find a way to beat the heat with our list of 10 ways to keep cool while camping during summertime.

The Best Kids’ Backpacks of 2013

Camping is not limited to adults but kids can be fanatics of the activity as well. So much so, there are backpacks designed specifically for children. Read our post on the best kids’ camping backpacks for 2013.

15 Instances Where You'd Rather Go Camping

Sometimes camping has never sounded sweeter, particular under moments of stress or agony. Take a look at our list of moments when camping would be ideal.

8 Types of Rain Gear to Keep You Dry

With the summer season upon us, we shouldn’t forget that rain can still affect us and our activities. Read our post on what types of rain gear you can use to keep you dry during a downpour.

Wild Edibles: East Coast

Hunger in the wild can occur. Fortunately, we found some wild edibles that can satisfy your hunger on the East coast.

Outdoor Socks 101

Socks play a critical role in the comfort of your exploration. Find which outdoors socks are most suitable under particular conditions.