Urban Music Festivals 2015 Edition

Campmor Music Festival Guides Our music festival guide is back and better than ever this year! We found 130 festivals for your festival-attending enjoyment, both urban

Camping Music Festivals 2015 Edition

If your two loves are camping and music, you can combine them. Camping music festivals exist around the country. Red our post to find a festival near you!

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Camping Music Festivals

If you find that you have two loves, camping and music, you can combine the two now that spring and summer are ahead. Camping music festivals exist all over the country and you can read our post to find one near you.

Urban Music Festivals

Have you found the right music festival? Well, there’s a festival for everyone out there, including folks near a metropolitan area. See our list of urban music festivals taking place across the country and find one near you.

The Best Geocaching Apps

If you’re a fan of the outdoors but do not own a GPS device, you can still participate in Geocaching activities with these top apps for your smart phone.

15 Instances Where You'd Rather Go Camping

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Pack the Popcorn: The Top 10 Camping Movies Ever Made

These movies have made Campmor’s list of top 10 camping movies. Read our post and see if your favorite camping movie made it on the list. Be sure to leave your favorite camping movie!

2013 Music Festival Guide

2014 Music Festival UPDATES If you are looking for music festivals taking place in 2014 we have created two new pages for you. 2014 Camping Music

Safety Tips for Walking on Ice

Ice may be a miracle of nature, but an ice adventure still warrants caution and safety. If you are ice skating, snowshoeing, fishing, or snowmobiling – it is important to know how to gauge the safety of a frozen body of water.