Snowshoe Options

Since its inception, snowshoes have become diverse in user base as well as its intended use. Read our post on the snowshoeing options available for a diverse pool of enthusiasts.

Campmor Reader’s Choice – 13 Most Popular Posts of 2013

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GPS Devices for Geocaching

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2013 Campmor H2H Spring Cleaning

With National Bike Month taking place in May, read about an avid mountain biker’s first hand experience in the Campmor H2H Mountain Bike Race Series.

Northwest Snowshoe Trails

From scenic overlooks to short family jaunts, the Northwest is the ideal location for snowshoers of any skill level. If you are new to snowshoeing, be sure to check out our Intro to Snowshoeing blog posts before you set out on your snowshoeing journey.

Northeast Snowshoe Trails

If you’re in the Northeast, you may want to check out these nifty snowshoe trails we’ve uncovered.

Colorado Snowshoe Trails

Do you ever find yourself in Colorado? If so, be sure not to miss these great Colorado snowshoe trails!

Steve's Thanksgiving Hikes

Being able to go home for Thanksgiving is not always something that can be accomplished, especially if you work in retail. See how Steve deals with having his family spread across the United States and not being able to go home for Thanksgiving.

First Hike with the Future Wife

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Things You Should Never Say While Hiking or Backpacking

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