How to Break Down a Campsite

Breaking down a campsite is important not only for nature but for campers who follow suit. Read our post on how to properly break down a campsite.

Go Camping Flowchart

Not sure what to do today? Our Campmor Camping Flowchart will help you decide what to do! So try it and see what is in store for you.

Planning A Winter Excursion?  Then Consider a Four-Season Tent

Planning a Winter Excursion? Think about taking a four-season tent as they are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, common in winter and found at higher elevations.

The Untold Story of the Outdoor Experience

How do trails stay formed and not turn into mud or dust? Read our post on trail maintenance to learn about hiking trail care.

Meeting My First Appalachian Trail Thruhiker

Being lost and suffering under the elements on an unknown trail can lead to unforgettable encounters and experiences.

Where to Pitch a Tent

Pitching a tent is all about location, location, location—where you locate your tent site will have a significant impact on the impact on the your comfort and safety of your campsite. Make your camping trip a smooth one, by properly preparing beforehand, for all potential camping terrains and weather conditions.

How to Pitch a Tent

Some may find getting a reasonably sized tent out of its suspiciously compact bag and propped into personal sleeping quarters a profoundly arduous task. The level of difficulty also depends on the type of camping tents being set up. But with a little practice and preparation, pitching a tent will become second nature.

Emergency & Hurricane Preparedness

As it is Hurricane Preparedness Week we wanted to help you get prepared. Learn how to prepare for any type of event that may happen to you and your family.

Surviving With the Help of Morse Code

Everyone has heard of Morse code but do you know how to use it? Read on and learn the history and practical applications of Morse code that could help save your life.

Planning Your First Camping Trip

Where you camp will play a role in everything, from the type of lodging you choose, to what you’re going to eat, and everything in between. Read on and get tips on how to plan everything for your first camping trip.