Winter Sports

Snowshoe Options

Since its inception, snowshoes have become diverse in user base as well as its intended use. Read our post on the snowshoeing options available for a diverse pool of enthusiasts.

Campmor's Favorite Posts of 2013

Last week we gave your favorite 13 posts of 2013 and now this week we are listing ours! So kick back, relax, and give another read to some of our favorite stories, guides, and lists from 2013.

Cold Weather Cycling

With cycling being an exciting activity, one can partake in it year round. However when the cold weather settles in, there are certain measures that can be taken to enjoy the sport and keep warm. Read our post on cold weather cycling and find what you can do to bear the frigid climate.

Preventing Winter Dehydration

While you’re exploring the outdoors, it’s crucial to never disregard dehydration during the winter months. Read our blog post for tips on how to prevent winter dehydration.

Fitting Snowshoes for Kids

Read this post and make sure you pick out the proper kids snowshoes for your children when you’re on your family getaway.

History of Snowshoeing

Interested in learning something about the history of snowshoeing? Read our blog post to find some facts and helpful hints on snowshoes.

Colorado Snowshoe Trails

Do you ever find yourself in Colorado? If so, be sure not to miss these great Colorado snowshoe trails!

Snowshoe Parts

Learn about snowshoes and the various parts that are combined to make these snow walkers.

NFL Training Camps Camping

Campmor has collected a list of all of the NFL training camps and a couple of campgrounds nearby, to make your summer camping trip one that will go down in the record books. So go cheer on your team during the day and relax back at your campsite at night.

Snowshoe Racing in the United States

Learn about snowshoe racing and catch the results from The United States Snowshoe Association most recent annual snowshoe race.