Do you know what size pack you need for your next trip? Or, do you even know how to load your backpack? Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not you should bring along the kitchen sink on your next backpacking trip?

We got down and dirty, with some of our most experienced backpackers, and answered all of these questions and more, in our super easy-to-follow backpacking infographic. Please excuse our doodles at the bottom of the page. We were feeling like we were back in school again, taking notes. Take a look, and please give us your feedback. Be sure to share this with your fellow backpacking friends as well; hey share it with mom and dad, too! You can tell them all about what you learned from Campmor, today!

We’re getting ready to break into April, and are looking forward to a wonderful spring, with many backpacking trips. We’re drooling, after checking out our spring backpack selection; lots of packs providing more comfort with lighter weight. We are so ready to hit the trail. Speaking of kicking off April don’t forget to stop by the store tonight or tomorrow and catch Andrew Skurka!

Where are you headed, on your next backpacking trip?

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