10 Ways to Stay Cool When Camping

O2-Cool Carabiner Water Misting FanIf you are going camping during the summer, it is important to always consider that the weather can be extremely hot at times. Staying cool when camping in the summer is not just a matter of comfort. Doing so can help avoid developing heat stroke, dehydration and other potentially deadly complications.

Even when camping in a desert or other hot location, there are certain ways to help combat the heat and cool yourself down to help you relax and enjoy your trip. These 10 tips come with the understanding that the standard requirement is always that you stay well hydrated in hot weather. The body cools itself by perspiring, and the sweat depletes hydration in the body. It is absolutely essential to replace this lost moisture by drinking an adequate amount of water.

Here are 10 ways to stay cool when camping in the summer:

  1. A misting system can help keep cool you trough evaporative cooling on hot days in camp or on the go. A misting system is as simple as bringing a spray bottle along with you on your outdoor adventures and spraying cold water on your face when you need relief.. Out in the backcountry, there may not be clean and cold running water around you, so before you go out on your adventure, make sure you fill up your spray bottle with water. An insulated bottle would be best. There’s nothing more refreshing than getting some cold water sprayed on your face on a hot day hike.
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  3. If you are going to a place where there is an ocean, an extraordinarily fun activity to cool you down is snorkeling. Swimming with the turtles, dolphins and fish can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life, and it is sure to cool you down. Even in warmer water climates like Hawaii and Florida, with the hot temperatures outside, snorkeling is sure to be a good cool down.
  4. Ice packs are commonly used to either keep your drinks or lunch cold, but they are actual dual-use products that you can put on your body to cool you down. As long as the pack is kept insulated, there is no reason why putting an ice pack on your forehead or the back of your neck won’t cool you down.
  5. Even if you aren’t near an ocean, swimming or wading in water is an easy way to get cool. Taking a nice dip in a river or lake is a relaxing way to cool you off. Rivers can also be nice, but beware, as river currents can be dangerous. If you need swimwear, Campmor has got it for men and women.
  6. A classic way to try to beat the heat is to get out of the sun and find shade. If you are hiking or rock climbing in the bright sun, it may be difficult to find some natural shade. But if you are in the woods, relaxing beneath some trees for a while is an easy way to cool off.
  7. Taking a nice cool shower can be a good way to cool down. Showers help you freshen up and get rid of that summer sweat.
  8. Wearing a lightweight brimmed hat is great to help keep the sun off your face. Hats with flaps on the sides and back also can help you keep the sun off your neck and ears, and cool you down in the process.
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  10. Fans are great, just to get some air flow going on a hot day. Of course if you are in the wilderness, you would need a personal fan. Fans with misters are even better.
  11. Having a water bladder for your backpack is a perfect way to help you stay hydrated. Water bladders can stay very cold even on a hot day, and the process of getting the water in you couldn’t be any easier. With a small tube attached to the bladder, all you have to do is bite down on the end of it to help get yourself hydrated, which is an important part of keeping yourself cool.
  12. If you are able to ditch the shoes and socks, sandals are a great way to keep your feet cool, by allowing them to get some air and breathing room. Of course, on long hikes, wearing the proper shoes is the most important thing, but if you are just doing light walking, sandals are great to keep your feet cool. Some people even feel that sandals cool the rest of their bodies down.
  13. What are some of the ways you stay cool during those hot summer days?

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