Get into the Swing of Things on National Hammock Day

Hammock Bliss Single Hammock
In case you missed National Camping Month (June), we have a way for you to redeem yourself! July 22nd is National Hammock Day, so you have a perfect excuse to get camping and kick back in a comfortable hammock all day.

If you want to celebrate National Hammock Day but you don’t have a hammock, don’t worry. We have some hammock options for you:

Hammock For Two

Hammock Bliss DoubleExperience bliss in a Bliss Single or experience it with a partner in the Bliss Double Hammock. These hammocks are ready to set up anywhere, from a sailboat, a balcony, a tree or just two posts. These models are especially spacious and roomy for maximum comfort. Even the Bliss Single is significantly bigger than a double size bed, measuring in at nearly five feet wide and 10 feet long. The double is 25 inches wider than the single, to make room for a buddy.

No Trees? No Problem

If you don’t have two posts set up or tree trunks suitable for hanging a hammock, we suggest you check out our “Hammock Camping 101” post for some ideas. Or if you are going to be staying at home, we suggest the Jet Set Hammock, which comes with a heavy-duty steel stand meant to hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Bug-Resistant Hammocks

Maybe there are too many bugs and flying critters around where you would like to set up your hammock. In this case, the Hammock Bliss No-See-Um/ Mosquito Net Cocoon may be the best option for you. This hammock is custom made for a completely bug-free experience. Not even the smallest of bugs will be able to disrupt you in this hammock. Simply settle in, zip up, relax and enjoy bliss in a bug-free cocoon.


Hammock Camping Benefits

Here are a few benefits of hammock camping:

  • Mobility – you can set up camp just about anywhere at anytime
  • Low Impact – no need to move or clear the spot
  • Comfort – for some it might be more comfortable
  • Battling Rain – no more hoping rain doesn’t get into your tent
  • Custom – you can customize your hammock for your size and height
  • It is NATIONAL HAMMOCK DAY, so why not?

So lay back, relax and enjoy National Hammock Day. It only comes once a year!

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