The All-Important Camping Chair Experience

On a recent camping trip to the Catskill Mountains, I noticed that everyone in my group was relatively well prepared. All had the essentials of camping gear; tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, as well as boots and trekking poles for our daily excursions. Everyone, too, had their rain jackets and pants in anticipation of any inclement weather as well as outer layers for those chillier nights, and all brought enough food to feed an army. But, surprisingly, one item, that could help determine the comfort factor of any camping trip, was unmistakably missing: the camping chair. The wooden benches found at most sites are great for cooking and eating, but they just don’t do well when you want to lean back and relax near the campfire or stream.

I was the only one who brought a chair, and needless to say I rarely sat in it because everybody was taking turns sitting in mine! The lesson here, then, is that camping chairs are a critical part of enjoying the camping experience. They allow you to sit comfortably around the campfire or relax in the shade with a book or magazine-or even thumbing through a catalog of your favorite outdoor retailer.
A good camping chair should be portable so that you can quickly move to the other side of the campfire when smoke is blowing in your eyes. Most importantly, a camping chair makes it much easier to sit around the campfire when you’re roasting marshmallows.

eureka-curvy-chair-with-side-table-40227blkMake sure to purchase one that is durable and built to last, and also sturdy enough to support your weight, as camping chairs have different weight limits. A good chair will have several storage features built into them such as a mesh cup or bottle holder, a place to store your car keys, and some even have a zippered pouch that acts as a soft cooler to throw in a few beverages.

So in order to avoid my experience, don’t forget that all-important camping chair! It’s a great way for you and others in your group to relax, have a good time anywhere around the campground, whether near the campfire or along a stream. If you’re in the market for the perfect chair, take a look at Campmor’s selection. We also have chairs appropriate for other outdoor events, such as tail gaiting or stadium seats for your children’s games or for your favorite major league teams.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact Campmor’s staff with any questions.


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  • Joe B

    Go to a BMW motorcycle rally….the vast majority of campers will have a Kermit chair for use around the tent as well as the campfire. Not cheap, but VERY transportable and surprisingly comfortable (given the diminutive size).

  • Beth N’ John Courtright

    Not only is a chair important when “land” camping but also when kayak camping…there is always one or two in the group that seem to somehow forget (forgetting=lighter kayak to paddle) and then try “borrowing” everyone else’s chairs

  • Comache Brave

    I have a couple of different styles of chairs including two types of rockers, one of which I am never without.