The Best Geocaching Apps

A Geocaching adventure is certain to be a fun time. Sometimes, passionate geocachers open their wallets for the latest and greatest device that may enhance their experience, such as a global positioning system unit (GPS). GPS devices are certainly helpful for many aspects of geocaching, but you don’t necessarily have to purchase the next best thing in geocaching to enjoy yourself, especially since there are so many free and low-cost mobile apps that are available online.

For iPhone

    Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc

  • Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc
    At $9.99, this is one of the more expensive apps available in the iTunes store. But, this application is made by the grandfather of geocaching, so you really cannot go wrong. The selling point of this application is its simplicity and user friendliness, and also that you have access to the entire geocache database around the world. It has recently been updated to allow users to utilize a Premium Member only feature, the ability to access saved searches with up to 500 results (also known as pocket queries within the app).
  • Geocaching by Geosphere
    This application is not intended for the beginning geocacher, as its system is a bit more advanced. Their tagline specifically states that “Geosphere is for those who are familiar with geocaching.” This application goes for $7.99 and has a stellar GPS aspect.
  • Looking4Cache Pro

  • Looking 4 Cache Pro
    This application is $8.99, but there is also a free version that has less functionality. This app is unique because it is available for not just the iPhone, but also the iPad, which can help if you want a larger screen than is found on an iPhone. It is integrated with Geocaching Live and the application focuses a lot on offline functionality.
  • Geocaching Buddy
    This application is very unique in that it remembers every clue found and can calculate any new clue or waypoint when finding caches. It can also mark the spot where you parked your car, which is very helpful for long walks. Cost: $7.99.

For Android


  • CacheSense
    This application is built on the Geocaching Live API, which allows you to tap into the more than 1.75 million geocaching adventures around the world as cataloged by Geocaching. It is good for both beginners and veteran geocachers. Since it is compatible for Android, you are able to use multiple map sources other than Google. You are also capable of accessing custom maps while you are offline. Cost: $5.00.
  • C:Geo
    The unique selling point of C:Geo is that there is nothing that is being sold to you since it is a free application and is rated as one of the best free Android applications for geocaching. It is an unofficial client of and allows you to access Live Map and save maps on your SD Card. It works well with a premium membership.
  • c-geo

  • Geocaching
    This is the official geocaching Android application that is compatible with a premium membership and is meant for the serious geocacher. Cost: $9.99.
  • Neongeo
    This is very similar to CachSense but is a bit cheaper. With Nongeo, you can search for caches on the go as well as import GPX files, use custom map servers and keep thousands of caches stored into its memory. A account is needed. Cost: $4.26.

Be sure to take a look at our posts on GPS Devices for Geocaching and The Best Geocaching Websites. If any of these apps sound familiar, let us know of your experience in the comments below!

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