Black Friday Campouts – 2013 In Review


With the 2014 Holiday Season upon us, and the weather forcing us to bundle up a bit more, as we sit by the campfire and cook smore’s, we wanted to take a look at another (more recent) trend – Black Friday Camping.

While this is not a new thing it does appear to have gained steam over the past few years. For those of you that are thinking of joining in and camping out this year we suggest checking the weather first. We then suggest you head over to our Camping Gear & Clothing Black Friday Shopping List. And read the tales below of those who ventured out to campout last year.

New campers will likely have some tough questions about camping out, and for others there are questions such as “how do you go to the bathroom?”. Still not sure if you should camp out this year? Keep reading and see what others did last year for Black Friday.

10 Days Out

Last year, the first report(s) of Black Friday Campers all came in about 10 days out. So if you are reading this you might already be at a disadvantage! While these campers weren’t the first campers in 2013, the Business Insider had a great roundup of tweets from some early Black Friday campers.

Campers Everywhere!

As we pulled together stories we noticed that they were coming in from all over the US. It seems that it didn’t matter if it was sunny (a much easier task), cold, or snowy, people all over the US are camping out for Black Friday. From Tampa to Atlanta , nearby us here at Campmor in Deptford, NJ, Green Bay, WI area, Longview, Texas, Tucson, AZ, Amarillo, TX, Nashville, TN, and many more that we likely missed!

Black Friday Camping Professionals

The New York Daily News and had a story about a group of friends that were out 10 days early last year. This was Tony’s 11th straight year of Black Friday camping as WKYC reported after a talk with the camper.

Jonas Allooh and his brothers have been camping out the past 4 years making them seasoned pros as well.

Crazy Black Friday Camper Stories from 2013

The craziest story from 2013 goes to Sterling McCall Toyota for their $1 car sale.

Do you camp out each year? Let us know in the comments what your best tip is!

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