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How To Fit a Backpack

When determining what size pack to buy, how tall you are is not nearly as important as your torso length. A short-legged person and a long-legged person may be exactly the same height, but require different sized packs. To measure your torso length, you will need some assistance and a flexible measuring device like a […]

Sleeping Bag Insulation and Care Guide

Deciding on the right sleeping bag shouldn’t keep you up nights. When you look at all the different sleeping bags available today, it’s enough to make anyone confused. The bag you purchase should suit your personal needs, as well as your outdoor environment. Step 1: Sleeping Bags to consider for your typical camping style: 1. […]

2018 Camping Checklist is Here!

Well, we’ve done our best to simplify things for you by making Campmor your one go-to source for everything you need to go camping. While we were at it we compiled our own list, too, which includes items you may have left off your list but that may come in handy.   Camp Checklist At […]

Lawson Hammock – The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock was a pioneer in the now popular “hammock” category within the outdoor industry. Founder, Wes Johnson, has always been passionate about the outdoors. He wanted to create a product and business that would encourage people to get outside and enjoy the amazing natural resources that are often found right in one’s backyard; something […]

Tents 101

No matter the type of camping your planning to do, your tent selection is key to creating a positive experience. The Campmor Tents 101 guide will help you to choose the right tent for all of your camping needs.