Driving Outdoors 2015 Edition

As in 2013 and 2014 we hit the Chicago Auto Show in the search for vehicles to get outdoors and go camping with. Overall this year the cars on display weren’t decked out in as much outdoor gear as they have the past two years.

In our walking around the millions of square feet of Auto Show we were able to find some Chevrolets, Kias, Fords, a FIAT!, Mazda, GMC, Volkswagen and some Subarus.

Off-Road Tracks

At the show there were two tracks that showed just how well their vehicles could get around obstacles. The usual Jeep track was there (not pictured but you can find a Jeep Off-road track video here) along with a track from Ford for the little kids.

Ford’s Off-Road Kids Course

2015-Ford-Little-F150s-Track 2015-Ford-Little-F150s

I doubt there were many kids that did NOT want to ride on these power wheel Ford F150s during the Chicago Auto Show.

Outdoor Vehicles

And now, onto the cars and trucks themselves! In the end we found quite a few vehicles at the show that were ready for the outdoors. In the comments let us know what your favorite one is or what vehicle you love to use when you go on adventures.

Chevrolet Trucks

2015-Colorado-KayakThe Chevrolet Colorado is seen here with a kayak ready to hit the beach or river. 2015-Colorado-SnowboardRight next to the kayak is another Colorado showing it more seasonal ready with snowboards attached to the back.


Fiat & Kia

2015-Fiat-500L-FrontWhile not the largest automobile we found, the Fiat 500L showed that it can hold its own when it comes to taking gear to the campsite or beach. 2015-Kia-TrailsterThe new Kia Trailster shows that it lives up to its name as it was decked out with snowboards.



2015-Mazda-5The Mazda 5 appears to have everything from the survival kits post on the roof. 2015-Maxda-CX-5-FrontThe Mazda CX-5 has racks and bikes much like many of the other vehicles and is ready to go mountain biking.

GMC and Volkswagen

2015-GMC-Canyon 2015-VW-Jetta-TDI-Front

The GMC Canyon and Volkswagen Jetta TDI might not be very similar but both showed they can both get your bike to anywhere you want to go.


2015-Subaru-CrosstrekSubaru Crosstek 2015-Subaru-Forester-SideSubaru Forester
2015-Subaru-Forester-BackSubaru Forester 2015-Subaru-Forester-Kent-ShogunSubaru Forester & Kent International Shogun bike


Subaru Forester wins this year as they showed off a Beach Cruiser from fellow NJ business Kent International. For those interested in a non branded Shogun we recommend you head over to Kent and take a look around there.


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