Long Underwear Options for Women

Long Underwear Options WomenStaying warm in the winter is all about bundling up. Dressing in layers is essential in your effort to handle the polar vortexes and other arctic weather interlopers that visit during the winter months. One can dress stylishly with an effective base layer.

As base layering goes, there are a variety of options, ranging from lightweight to expedition weight tops and bottoms, and tights that can be worn as pants but also used as a base layer. Depending on what kind of activities you will be doing in your cold weather adventure, there are plenty of women’s long underwear options to choose from.

Comfortable, Functional Tights

One popular option for bottoms is the Columbia Sportswear Midweight Tights. These bottoms were developed by top physiologists and offer maximum warmth, minimal weight and zoned performance for optimal comfort. They can be used as a first layer for super cold days or can be used as your only layer during a physical workout on a cooler day. The great thing about the Omni-Heat Base Layer Midweight Tights is that they are the opposite of bulky, yet still provide great warmth. In addition, the tights have maximum moisture transmission for all of your high-perspiration zones.

If you want to complete the set and get a matching top, then the Columbia Sportwear Long Sleeve Base Layer will do just that. Designed with the same specifications as the Midweight Tights, you can look stylish in this form-fitting outfit and at the same time be warm from your neck all the way down to your ankles if you buy the set. This set is ideal for many outdoor activities such as running or hiking in cold weather.


Merino wool is the longest and softest wool fiber available and it makes for a really warm base layer. The great thing about wool is that it is a natural fiber and absorbs moisture, yet won’t sap your skin’s natural moisture, which can be a real problem with synthetics, in the dry cold of winter. Smartwool NTS and Terramar’s HOTTOTTIES Thermawool are toasty warm and look great.

SmartWool Merino Wool Womens Bottoms
SmartWool Merino Wool Womens Bottoms
HOTTOTTIES Thermawool Merino Wool Womens Pants
HOTTOTTIES Thermawool Merino Wool Womens Pants

Everyday Base Layer

Those of us who live in the snowy north and use woodstoves to keep the home warm, live in our long underwear throughout the winter months. A week’s supply of base layers can get pricey. If you are looking to go for less-expensive alternatives, the Coldpruf Basic Midweight and Terramar Midweights are solid options. These are synthetic so they will manage moisture well, and their close fit guarantee a good fit under clothing.

Good for a Cold Day in the Office

Midweight Womens Underwear PantsA midweight base layer is a bit much for the office. Lightweight long underwear is great for cooler office settings. There are natural fiber options like Wool NTS 195 or synthetic like these tops and these bottoms which will make the day in your cold office a lot more bearable.

If you browse our women’s long underwear section, you will find plenty of affordable types of long underwear options ranging in warmth of fabric and coming in many sizes and colors. Whether you embrace the cold of the season and spend as much time outdoors as you can, or you’re more of a hibernator, cuddled on the couch counting the days until spring, there’s a long underwear style that’s right for you.


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