National Trails Day 2012

While Memorial Day weekend was certainly filled with fun and excitement, National Trails Day, on Saturday, June 2nd, will be a national celebration of the great outdoors. Though its roots stretch back to 1987, National Trails Day was officially launched in 1993 by the American Hiking Society to encourage exploration of America’s vast trail network of over 200,000 miles. This year’s celebration is special, as it represents the 20th anniversary.

The day is meant to celebrate all that is associated with the outdoor experience. Do you ever wonder how a trail emerged in the first place? And, most importantly, who maintains it? Well, most trails are built and cared for by dedicated organizations and volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to ensure public enjoyment.

National Trails Day is also meant to recognize the intangible benefits of the outdoor experience: Physical and mental fitness. Hiking sheds calories and tones the body, while the woods provide a sense of peace and calm, detached momentarily from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sheryl of Team Campmor during Rumble in the Jungle
There will be numerous activities in which to participate, from hiking to trail running, from trail maintenance to dog walking, so pick your favorite. Contact your local hiking club, organization, or non-profit for further details, or go directly to So, save the date, June 2nd, and strap on that daypack, lace up those shoes and get ready for a day full of adventure and celebration.

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