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Greetings, everyone.  A brief introduction: My name is Nick Scilingo, and I’m excited to be introducing the Campmor Outdoors Blog to all of you. I’ve been working for Campmor since 1999.  My current responsibility, among many others, is to serve as the project lead for this blog.  It has been my amazing good fortune that I continue to love working for Campmor as much now as I did when I first started, in 1999.

Why is Campmor embarking on this blogging adventure?  It’s rather simple, to be honest with you.  We’re a group of outdoor enthusiasts who work, live, and breathe for the outdoors. We love to kick back after a weekend of fun in the outdoors and share our experiences, talk about our favorite gear, and tell about our secret places. Being able to receive YOUR thoughts on these very same topics would really bring things to the next level.  This blog provides all of us with a forum to interact and learn from one another, so the entire team here at Campmor is excited to see what’s around the next corner on this trail.

The Campmor Outdoors Blog will be different from many others because we plan to bring you informative and hopefully inspirational articles, to provide you with a resource for all things outdoors – from news on the latest gear and outdoor innovations, to how-to articles for all things camping, hiking and outdoors. Spending time outdoors is a key contributor to a healthy lifestyle.  It is our belief, here at Campmor, that getting more and more people outside will only make our trails and parks a much better place.

Above all, we welcome your feedback and observations.  You all are the reason for this blog, just as you’re the reason for Campmor being in business for over 30 years, and being able to provide you with our many years of experience. Let us know what piques your interest, and we’ll do our best to keep you coming back for more.


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  • Daniel Borsinger

    REVIEWS, REVIEWS… ummm and REVIEWS!!!!

    Most of us go to Campmor because we get the sense that everybody who works in their department knows what they are talking about. Let us hear their unbiased opinion. Go on Youtube (vlog) make sick videos showing us products in action. Let us know: “Eh its good enough to get the job done”, “Hell yeah best thing since sliced bread” or “Why are we even selling this thing” (Hopefully management is not that sensitive)

    Anyway, you can blog about pretty places to hike, bike or kayak…. But in the end we go to you guys to buy stuff, more then likely we are buying it with the intention to go some place nice already.

    We all love your store but your best asset is your experience and opinion.